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Jing Zhang, Sharon S. Dawes, Joseph Sarkis. 2005. Exploring stakeholders'
expectations of the benefits and barriers of e-government
knowledge sharing. Journal of Enterprise Information Management 18, 548-567

Category: Stakeholding | Views: 688 | Date: 15.05.2011

Muhammad Kamal, Vishanth Weerakkody, Zahir Irani. 2011. Analyzing the role
of stakeholders in the adoption of technology integration solutions in UK local
government: An exploratory study. Government Information Quaterly 28, 200-210

Category: Stakeholding | Views: 687 | Date: 15.05.2011

Tan C.-W., Pan S.L., Lim E.T.K. 2005. Managing stakeholder interests
in e-government implementation: Lessons learned form Singapore
e-Government project. Journal of Global Information Management 13, 31–53

Category: Stakeholding | Views: 736 | Date: 15.05.2011

Categorizations of e-government based on stakeholder categories
(powered by Jennifer Rowley, 2010)


Categories of e-government
Belanger & Hiller (2006)Government delivering Services
to Individuals (G2IS)

Government-to-Individuals as Part of the Political Process (G2IP)

Government-to-Business as Citizen (G2BC)

Government-to-Business in the Marketplace (G2BMKT)

Government-to-Employees (G2E)

Government-to-Government (G2G)

Yildiz (2007) building on Brown & Brudney (2001)Government-to-Government (G2G)

Government-to-Citizen (G2C)

Citizen-to-Citizen (C2C)

Government-to-Civil Societal Organizations (G2CS)

Government-to-Business (G2B)

Category: Stakeholding | Views: 659 | Date: 15.05.2011

Yildiz M. 2007. E-government research: Reviewing the literature,
limitations, and ways forward. Government Information Quarterly 24, 646–655

Category: Stakeholding | Views: 659 | Date: 14.05.2011

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