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At Mobile App Development Company UAE, offer our team of professionals to take care of all your app projects. Working effortlessly to make sure every customer leaves a satisfied and loyal client; providing them with the most unique app and design ever.

We, at The App Development Company, are one of the most well-known app development experts in UAE. We deliver one-stop solutions, providing every client with the most suitable app for all their business ventures; locally and worldwide. We also create prototypes for every app, before running it through the developmental phase.

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Calendar of events for open source conferences, seminars,
meetings, webinars, hearings and more... powered by Red Hat Open Source.

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Please support the global cause Green Technologies Across Borders
by your membership at http://www.causes.com/causes/

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The IBR Conference, Sydney 21 - 23 June 2011, Australia

Key themes include: Key perspectives of web 3.0 and the semantic web; The
future of semantic social networks; Anticipating social media’s new
pathways; Determining how communities are evolving and will be shaped
under the new information environment. Case studies: Hearing from
companies applying web 3.0 techniques with huge gains; Exploring new, data driven value creation models and techniques to monetization; Discovering better analysis and insights  through web 3.0 technology; Why semantic technology is turbo charging web 2.0, and more.

Category: Events | Views: 1203 | Date: 27.02.2011

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