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Freeness & Openness

General project Freeness & Openness is launched with the goal to develop, articulate and popularize all the aspects of actual (taking into consideration modern ecological, economic, humanitarian and other world problems) paradigm Freeness & Openness.

This paradigm is conditionally divided on three concepts:

Free & Open Software Free & Open Information Free & Open Humanity,

and interpreted in the framework of transhistorical, transsocial approach as an impressive today's manifestation of an evolutionarily stable, invariant strategy to use and create various resources in beehiving, crowdsourcing, collective, collaborative, participatory (versus individual) manner.

At this time, the project Freeness & Openness includes the following resources:

Freeness & Openness

An unique resource devoted to mobilize worldwide an
army of citizen reporters to cover all the aspects of paradigm
Freeness & Openness

Modern Ukraine
National Programs of Country Development

Central Fototag & Logotag Service

Green Advertising Bonus

The  project Green Advertising Bonus (Green Ad Bonus) is called to provide:
  • Free Advertising the best at the present day green solutions (that is green strategies, industries, technologies, products and services), worldwide;
  • First Giving (mass financial and other supporting these solutions);
  • Free Transfering these solutions across the national and corporative borders by eliminating proprietary, custom and other artificial barriers.
In fact, this is an extended practical response on 9th Principle of United Nations Global Compact: Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

University Free & Open Consortium
Social Activizzm & Global Beehiving

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Customized Search Aggregator
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The project Freeness & Openness is developing as an extend platform (based, in particular, on Free & Open uCoz Content Management System) for other projects, services and applications.

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