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Tencent's social media assets achieved solid growth in the second
quarter of 2011 according to its Q2 finance report.
For QZone,
active user accounts increased by 5.1% on quarter-on-quarter basis to
530.7 million, on the back of organic growth and improved functionalities.

Initially launched internationally in 2008, Tuding has launched in
February 2011 its brand new version which is more localized for
China. By integrating social networking, LBS (location based services) and
weibo, the new Tuding highlights new functions of photo filters and photo sharing. 

Kuantu, Beijing based startup is offering an easy online service for users to
share their text, images, video and links. Similar service is Diadian.
In general, both these services remind an English service Tumblr, banned in China.

Shanda is developing its new microblogging product: Tuita.
At present, the project is tested in closed beta. Note,
Chinese name Tuita is similar to Tuite, Chinese transliteration of Twitter.

Move to the 2011 Mozilla Developer Conference in China, with many Web
developers an in-depth exchanges (May 10, 2011).

欢迎参加 2011 Mozilla 中国开发者大会,与众多Web开发者进行深入交流。来自Mozilla移动部门
产品开发以及技术推广部门的资深工程师们将向与会者一同分享 Mozilla 各项开发技术的最新进展
本次大会将重点探讨如何利用 Mozilla 开发者专业技术来推动开放网络平台的发展
涵盖涉及浏览器移动开发趋势 的讨论,同时对 HTML5 强大新功能和火狐扩展开发都将进行深度剖析。

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