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After few months of work, CreativCulture, China’s online t-shirt design contest
where talented Chinese designers can submit their work and use
the power of crowdsourcing to select the best design, has now opened its online store.

Category: Crowdsourcing | Views: 889 | Date: 06.05.2011

The Crowdsortium recognizes that the crowdsourcing ecosystem is comprised of
five participants such as funders, practitioners, customers, the crowd and
researchers. The Crowdsortium aims to provide each of these constituents with the
knowledge, data and best practices to get the most out of participating in crowdsourcing.

Category: Crowdsourcing | Views: 769 | Date: 08.03.2011

Evly is the world's first Crowdsourcing Social Network. Users can build freemium       crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowdwisdom or crowdintelligence sites
within several clicks. All they are tied together via the golden string of social network.

Category: Crowdsourcing | Views: 697 | Date: 07.03.2011

Crowdsourcing.org is the place to come if you want to checkout what's
happening or if you want to join the debate on all things
Crowdfunding, mass collaboration, open innovations,
community production — find all these on Crowdsourcing.org
, the
place for authoritative, information rich content and insights on crowdsourcing.

Category: Crowdsourcing | Views: 708 | Date: 07.03.2011

Spoonflower makes it possible for
individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs.

Category: Crowdsourcing | Views: 897 | Date: 03.07.2010

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