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There are few differences, both of them are probably people’s popular choice in tiles, you’ll often see around homes. Both are quite durable and available in plenty of colors. If I talk about porcelain tile first, then it’s a bit more durable, denser.

Whereas ceramic being a little bit more porous, and something you may not want to put in areas where you’ll have something like water sitting a lot.
You can use porcelain outside since it's non-porous, so you don’t need to worry about freezing, that kind of thing. Whereas something like ceramic with temperature changes, you won’t like to get too cold, nor too hot, that kind of thing. Yes, ceramic is something people prefer installing inside rather than outside.

Though, both ceramic and porcelain tile is common, yet has different usage in terms of maintenance and cleanliness, etc. You can get different finishes of each tile being kind of a matte. Porcelain has a little bit of texture, so ceramic tile is very polished, it's just a little bit more finicky; I mean you can see fingerprints and footprints.

Okay, coming to cleaning tile, then both ceramic and porcelain are pretty much the same, depending on what finish you have. Hope I clearly stated the difference between both tiles.

New Economic Foundation (NEF) is an independent think tank that

inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. NEF's aims to

improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that

challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues.

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