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Currently, Wix is thrilled to bring you more incredible Add-ons to enrich your HTML5 site
with amazing brands and services. Socialize in just one click and integrate Add-ons that can boost your site all for FREE.

Category: Wix Community | Views: 1407 | Date: 13.09.2012

Add an Animated Grid Gallery to your Wix site and enjoy the show
  • Customize colors, fonts & skins
  • Add your titles, descriptions & links
  • Choose from 5 transitions & Organize photo placement

Category: Wix Community | Views: 1473 | Date: 28.06.2012

In general, dropdown menus are the great way to save space on your website and neatly organize subcategories.
Dropdown menus also improve the website’s usability by reducing the numbers of clicks from the main navigation menu.

Read how to add dropdown menus to your Wix HTML5 websites.


Category: Wix Community | Views: 2797 | Date: 26.06.2012

Check the Saul Klein’s list of Europe’s next billion
dollar technology companies
. Wix flash paltform is among them.

Category: Wix Community | Views: 628 | Date: 19.12.2011

Importantly, Wix flash platform allows to create more attractive
personal pages than those created at the About.me or Flavors.me platforms.

For comparison, check simple Example 1 and Example 2 (at Wix).

Category: Wix Community | Views: 1004 | Date: 17.12.2011

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