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Two types of conveyor; let’s read now
Ball Transfer Conveyor
Ball Transfer conveyors use a series of mounted ball casters to permit unpowered, multi-directional product transportation. Key specifications comprise the ball material and size. You can use ball transfer conveyors in material handling applications like assembly lines and packing lines, among others. When multiple conveyor lines meet, people can use them to transfer products from one line to another and use them in sorting systems. The belting vendor provides many sizes, and load-carrying abilities are available. The manufacturers cannot power ball transfer conveyors and rely on external forces to transfer the product along the conveyor.

Magnetic Conveyor belts use moving magnets mounted beneath standing plates, tables, or other kinds of non-magnetic slider beds, to move magnetic materials, often in the form of machining scuffle. People can use magnetic conveyors, commonly as chip conveyors, to remove ferrous marks from machining centers. You can configure systems to use horizontal motion, vertical motion, or arrangements. They are beltless or may use a carrying belt instead of a slider bed. You can use a rail containing an electromagnet to attract ferrous materials to the strap underneath the conveyor belt. Due to the magnetic attraction of the product to the conveyor system, you can use these systems upside down.


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