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At Open World Forum in Paris, Talend received an Open Innovation Award
for its ground breaking open source
Master Data Management (MDM)
solution, Talend MDM. Open Innovation Awards are awarded to
the solutions most likely to have significant impacts on society and marketplace.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 483 | Date: 22.11.2010

Obeo is leading company in the field of model driven software
development based on Eclipse. Obeo provides customized
Software Factories and Migration Factories to large organizations.

Obeo wins Open Innovation Award with presentation of Acceleo project
at the Open World Forum 2010. This award is given to recognize
the most innovative and game changer open source solution in its marketplace.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 422 | Date: 22.11.2010

Grouply is pioneering social groups, online communities of the new type that
combine the best features of social networks and online groups. Social
groups offer the social interactivity, media sharing and modern design of social
networking sites like Facebook. And the rich discussions, popular email interface
and people discovery opportunities found in traditional online group systems
like Yahoo! Groups. With Grouply, you can create new social groups about anything
you like or join social groups connecting with others who share your interests and passions.

Grouply offers Ning-to-Grouply migration tool
and has become the preferred free alternative to Ning since Ning went premium only.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 414 | Date: 20.11.2010

Interview of Matt Mullenweg by Sarah Kessler, Mashable (October 20, 2010)

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 429 | Date: 15.11.2010

Interview of Dries Buytaert by Sarah Kessler, Mashable (November 01, 2010)

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 354 | Date: 15.11.2010

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