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A helical wire thread inserts have endless applications formed from a coiled wire insert that helps as a thread repair solution. It makes core screw threads for a compliant fastener. They are a safe to use and secure application that holds locking torque over numerous assemblies.
They are highly beneficial and used in multiple applications like Plant engineering, Electrical engineering, Aerospace industry, Transit products, Medical industry, Defense industry, Telecommunications, and Automotive industry.
Benefits and applications of helical wire
1. Strength
It significantly enhances load-bearing capacity as it increases flexibility and perfectly distributes residual stress.
2. Corrosion Resistance
They are highly versatile and applicable for numerous applications which have galvanic corrosion effects and severe corrosive conditions. It is suitable for surface coatings, such as Silver, Cadmium, Zinc, Aluminum, and Molybdenum Disulphide.
3. Temperature Range
They are appropriate for high-temperature, and usually, they are best for temperature, which ranges from-160ºC to +420ºC or -320ºF to + 800ºF. Moreover, they are composed of resistant nickel-based alloy, making them suitable for extreme and elevated temperatures.
4. Cost and Weight Benefits
They are highly cost-effective and are compacts and lightweight because of which it is efficiently designed
5. Wear Resistance
They provide an excellent surface finish and eliminate friction-induced thread erosion.

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