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The fundamental goal of most conveyor systems is to provide an opportunity to inspect products and transport them throughout your facility; it is impossible without implementing a proper handling system. There are some problems faced by the material handling industries. Except for mistracking and belt slippage, there are two more belt installation problems that people neglect.

Seized Rollers

Most conveyor belt systems are traditionally made using metallic components like steel. When these rollers seize up, they can eventually develop sharp edges that cause the conveyor belt to mistrack unevenly along the centerline. It poses a risk to safe working environments and can damage the materials or parcels that are transporting. If a complete conveyor belt failure occurs, you will likely be facing a long shut-down period.


The primary purpose of a conveyor belt is to confirm the efficient travel of material throughout the conveyor belting system. When this is compromised, the whole operation can become blocked and seize production to a halt. Suppose the materials being transported catch on sharp edges, endure rigid directional changes, or pass beside a rusted chute surface. In that situation, they may cause a build-up and form blockages. Much like any other conveyor belt installation problems, a blockage can easily associate to hours of lost production and non-recoverable dollars.

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