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The Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay revitalizes and refines the skin. This type of konjac facial sponge provides a deep cleanse and gentle skin exfoliation to brighten dull complexions and reduce wrinkles' appearance. The red clay facial sponge is ideal for uneven skin tones, blotchiness, damage and dry skin, broken capillaries, and veins.

This red clay sponge is about 8 cm wide and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy skin cleaning. You need just to add a few drops of water for ultimate natural skincare.

French Red Clay is rich with iron oxide known to stimulate blood circulation, resulting in healthy and glowy skin. Naturally full of trace elements, the French Red Clay Konjac facial sponge cleanses the skin to remove dead skin cells to stimulate the skin regeneration process.

Benefits of red clay konjac sponge

• Ideal for irritated, sensitive, and dehydrated skin
• deeply cleanses
• balances the pH value of the skin
• refines skin pores
• gently exfoliates
• cleanses and exfoliates the gentle eye area
• apt for all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin
• silky-soft when wet with warm water
• 100% natural, free from colors and additives
• use with or without any cleanser

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