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Druid is an open source unified communications platform, built around
technology such as Asterisk, IMAP, XMPP. Druid gives your
organization access to the best available IP communications platform
that bringing together voicemail, VOIP, mobile phone, faxes and instant messaging.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 429 | Date: 18.04.2009

LifeSocial is the P2P based Multimedia Online Community Platform

developed at Technical University Darmstadt's Multimedia Communications Lab.


In addition to standard features, LifeSocial foresees:

  • distributed storage for access controlled documents;
  • (voice) chatting with friends;
  • total control on personal information;
  • working and learning file sharing;
  • multimedia streaming of (free) music files to all your friends and people you like.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 386 | Date: 22.03.2009

Powering nearly 3 billion monthly interactions, Pluck's technical

platform offers comprehensive social media capabilities

broadly deployed and integrated on more than 300 leading digital destinations.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 363 | Date: 13.03.2009

KickApps provides brands, enterprises and web publishers with

solutions that enable them to create the next generation web experiences.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 395 | Date: 13.03.2009

BigTent's goal is simple.
To connect people making it easy for groups and their members.
All for free, and all from single home on the Web.

Welcome to Saving Dinner community (40000+ members) powered by BigTent.

Category: Open Platforms | Views: 423 | Date: 12.03.2009

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