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Main » 2011 » March » 21 » LinkedPeople versus Facebook #
LinkedPeople versus Facebook #
Join two global stakeholding campaigns on IndieGoGo:
LinkedPeople versus Facebook

United Green Nations Graphic Design (as part of the general project United Green Nations).

LinkedPeople is the world’s first stakeholding social network, or simply stakeholding network, that reflects an American model of social organization, in which policy, (civil) society and market are not differentiated institutional areas. On the other hand, the network is developing in the framework of information model of democratic society together with all its constituent parts: e-Policy, e-Society, e-Market and numerous derivatives (e-Democracy, e-Participation, e- Governance and suchlikes). In the context of dichotomy "society-policy”, the pluralistic model of e-Democracy with an unlimited number of stakeholders is used. Moreover, the pluralistic model of e-Democracy with an unlimited number of stakeholders is transferred on the dichotomy "society-market”. Stakeholders affect the economic area (market) not only at the final levels of real or virtual products and services (buying or rejecting them). They are ready to create, through crowdfunding, industrial crowdings or stakeholdings ("stakeporations”) with an unlimited or huge number of stakeholders. At LinkedPeople, three basic platforms are developed: Online Expression, Groups & Crowds and Online Workspaces. In its queue, online workspaces are divided onto Online Communication & Collaboration Offices, Online Stakeholding Offices and Online Crowdfunding & Crowdholding Offices with the corresponding options. Such an approach allows to transform dormant stakeholders (in general sense of this term) into voting stakeholders and, finally, into possessing stakeholders. On all the positions enumerated above, LinkedPeople outstrips significantly Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, RenRen, MySpace and all other social networks of old generation. The basic ways to monetize LinkedPeople at the early stages of project development are privileged and premium services, advertising as well as fee of crowdfunding and crowdholding (crowding) operations. Finally, it is forecasted the global boom like stakeholderization, or simply holderization, of all old generation’s social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, as well as the most advanced actors of industrial ground.

LinkedPeople. Create the newest stakeholding social network for yourself.


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